Now and at the Hour

by Emily Holt & Braden Van Dragt

A short film (2017) exploring the need, in the wake of traumatic loss, for what some critics and poets have called or enacted melancholic, immersive mourning, a concept and form particularly shaped by sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. Set in her father’s hometown, the film traces the artist's responses to the loss of her mother and raises questions about the connection between the health of a country and the health of the women who live there.

To view or access the film, please contact me through the Contact page of this site.

Images by Braden Van Dragt & Poems by Emily Holt

This multimedia exhibit explores the anxiety of identity and belonging in Ireland, north and south, via expressions of community life and public celebration.

This project was made possible by a Wang Center for Global Education Research Grant, the Rainier Writing Workshop and friends and family in Arklow and Belfast.

Selections of the project were on exhibit in the Mortvedt library at Pacific Lutheran University and the Wyckoff Auditorium at Seattle University in 2016.